Rob Doyle

Freelance WordPress & Front-End Web Developer

Hi, I'm Rob Doyle.

Freelance Front-End Web Developer from Leicestershire, UK.

About Me

I create websites that are user-friendly, mobile friendly and web friendly.

I consider myself to be a good problem solver who enjoys a challenge and takes a lot of pride in what I do. Attention to detail and perfectionism is a part of my character and filters accross into the projects that I build.

I recently gained a first class degree (Hons) in Business Computing (web design) at the University of Northampton UK. That was a proud moment that was valuable to me on many levels.

I am here to solve your problems small or large and can deliver a web solution that your company or organisation can be proud of.

My Skills

Listed below is my current skillset as well as a selection of my best achievements where I completed courses and earned certificates.






BootStrap 4

Completed Courses with Certifications

BSc (Hons) in Business Computing (Web Design)

Over a three year period I studied the various areas of business computing, which included web development, web design and business intelligence. This resulted in achieving a first class degree.

University of Northampton UK

Learn to Code Blueprint

Over the period of nearly a year, I followed this real-world training program that layed out weekly tasks with accountability. Created by Travis Rogers, this course proved to be a real game changer in developing my skills.

Travis Rogers - Travis Media

Bootstrap 4 from Scratch

This was an excellent three week course on learning Bootstrap 4 by Brad Traversy. I worked through 5 projects of various difficulty and learned a lot about modern Bootstrap techniques including responsive designs.

Brad Traversy - Traversy Media

Become a WordPress Developer

Lasting nearly three months, this course was detailed as well as challenging on all the aspects of Wordpress Development. What set this course apart was the industry standard techniques taught including Webpack with Babel and modern workflows

Brad Schiff - LearnWebCode

Modern JavaScript

I have just recently completed this course on ES6 JavaScript. The projects involved really helped in gaining a deeper understanding of ES6. I now have a good handle on the Basics of JavaScript and will continue to develop these skills going forward in what is a very in depth subject.

Shaun Pelling - The Net Ninja

CSS Essential Training

This course proved to be the best CSS3 training program on my learning journey. It provided a good mix of theory and practical and was explained very well by an excellent tutor. A quite lenghtly course that went far beyong the basics.

Christina Truong - LinkedIn Learning

My Projects

Listed below are some of the projects I have completed. These were built using different technologies such as, WordpPress, Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript ES6. All the thumbnails below click through to the live sites.


Please feel free to use the email form below to contact me if you have any questions.